Location:  Los Angeles, California

Project Type:  Two Apartment Buildings

Size:  Site is 6,322,00 total sq. ft., with units ranging in size from 600 - 1,100 sq. ft.


2 apartment buildings consisting of seven units in two buildings; one studio, one 2-bedroom flat, and five duplexes on a hillside lot in Echo Park.  This infill project is designed to be compatible with the existing context while at the same time optimizing the allowable density. The parking structure is tucked under the building on the upper slope of the site, hidden from view.  Private rooftop decks and balconies provide additional outdoor space for each apartment.  The concept was inspired by Echo Park Lake, which this project overlooks.  Colors were chosen to represent the natural elements: blue for the water, green for the leaves, and white for the lotus blossom.


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