Projects currently under construction | 2021


Idell Blvd.


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Program: Small Lot Subdivision

Size: 5 Units@ 1,300 SF each and 5 Units@ 1,800 SF for a total of 13,900 SF

Status: Under Construction

Client: Verono Homes




Location:  North Hollywood, California

Program:  Small Lot Subdivision

Size:  27 Units at 1,600 - 2,000 SF each

Status: Under construction

Client: Verono Homes, Outline


Zanja Avenue


Location: Palms District, West Los Angeles

Program: 2 Apartment Buildings

Size: 10 Units each, 1,050 SF each unit

Status: Under Construction, new photos: 7/11/2021




Hamlin Avenue


Location:  North Hollywood, CA

Program:  10 unit small lot subdivision

Status:  Under Construction, new photos: 6/20/21


Miranda Avenue


Location:  North Hollywood, CA

Program:  Apartment Building

Size:  Thirteen units at 1,700 sq. ft. each

Status:  Under construction, new photos: 6/20/2021



New Project | 2021

Yale Fair Oaks


Location: Pasadena, CA

Program: Mixed-use/Retail, Condominiums

Size: 25,000 sq. ft. total

Status: Entitlements and Plan Check



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