Active Projects 2020

View our new and ongoing projects in various stages of progress  from design, to permit processing, and those that are under construction.

These are challenging times…


We hope that our clients, colleagues, collaborators, and friends are safe and healthy.


HOLTZ ARCHITECTURE has been fortunate in that our projects have been proceeding on course, without interruption to our services. While redesigning how we work, we have discovered new ways to conduct our business. Many of these changes will be implemented permanently, as they have enabled us to work more efficiently. Working remotely has eliminated commute times, while interactive internet technologies allow us to collaborate and encourage each other more effectively. In response to changes within Municipal agencies, we have hired full time expeditors to facilitate the permit process.


If you have not had contact with us for a while, please reach out and let us know how you are managing in these difficult times. We would love to hear to hear from you!



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