Hyans Street Apartments

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Program: 12-Unit multi-family housing

Status: Under construction

Size: 12,750 sq. ft. total

Description:  2829 Hyans Street is located in Silverlake on a typical street occupied by a mix of old houses, renovations, and nuetral stucco apartment buildings.  On this particular site were two traditional, older, homes - unrelated, the larger, older home situated towards the back, and the newer home in it's front yard.  Fulfilling a need for housing in this area, HOLTZ ARCHITECTURE was commissioned to design an apartment building that would maximize the land use and capitalize on zoning, while at the same time, integrating existing structures.


The project's integration with the surrounding neighborhood is achieved by carefully considered balcony, window, and walkway placement, along with driveway and parking spaces.  Private open balconies front the street and upper decks provide additional outdoor space with views of the tree-lined street and beyond.  Internally, the units feature open plan lay-outs with windows placed to exploit the light and maximize air-flow throughout the space.  This building is designed to present a visually striking contrast with current structures in order to project a contemporary urban optimism, on trend with today's market.


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