Eagle Rock Blvd.

Location: Los Angeles, California

Program: Small Lot Subdivision with eleven single-family residences and two mixed-use units

Status: Entitlement phase, including subdivision and specific plan review

Size: Site is 16,500 total sq. ft., with homes ranging in size from 1,400 - 2,200 sq. ft.

Description: Mixed-use development project including eleven small lot homes and two mixed-use units with street front commercial space located on Eagle Rock Boulevard.  Each unit has an attached two-car garage along with two retail parking spaces on the main level.  Private rooftop decks and balconies provide additional outdoor space.  Two mixed-use homes with retail spaces face Eagle Rock Boulevard, animate the street and invigorate the densifying neighborhood.  Attention to the scale, materials, and details of the facades facing the common drivway, evoke the spirit of traditional, "mews," found in older cities.

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